Whether you are an owner occupier, have a rental property or you are a business owner, our services can be applied to all situations.

Fire Safety - Smoke Alarms

With the introduction of new smoke alarm legislation into Queensland, effective 1st January 2017, making sure your residence is compliant is the responsibility of you, the owner.

Our smoke alarm services include installation, maintenance & compliance certification. 

We offer a consultation and inspection of your residence, explaining the legisaltion, how it affects you and what you need to do to meet compliance requirements in accordance with the legislation.

Smoke alarm maintenance packages are available with all installation work or as a stand alone service if you have existing smoke alarms.

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InHome Safety Solutions

The risk of household fire is very real and the majority of household fire is caused through electrical fault.

InHome Safety Solutions has a program designed for the home, where we look at existing & potential fire & electrical risks and, in consultation with the home owner, adopt a course of action to eradicate or minimise those risks.

The success of this program is evident in its' adoption as part of one of the services several Aged Care Providers include in their Home Care Package.

Services we offer include:                    

  • Home Safety Inspection & report
  • Smoke alarm compliance
  • Electrical appliance test & tag
  • RCD Testing
  • Power point & light switch testing
  • Emergency services access
  • Emergency exit plans
  • Key lock boxes
  • Fire blankets
  • Ongoing maintenance program

"Our technicians are fully qualified and licensed  and all work is guarenteed."

Electrical Safety - Electrical Test & Tag

Electrical Test & Tag of portable appliances, tools, extension leads, powerboards etc. is an essential part of Queensland workplace WHS legislation. It is a requirement not an option.

The regualrity of Test & Tag varies depending on the industy and enviroment in which appliances are used.

We have onsite test & tag available, arranging with you times best suited to your workplace to minimise work disruption

You are also able to drop off to us the items you need Tested & Tagged.


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